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What is Vivation?


Vivation is a transformational breathwork technique—a powerful, feelings-level, self-development process that resolves suppressed emotional negativity, resulting in a happier, more creative, satisfying life.

Anger, sadness, anxiety, shyness, fear...we've all experienced these emotions; they're what make us human. But sometimes these feelings get to be too overwhelming, and we "shut down" all of our feelings—even happiness—and experience reduced joy in living. When we "shut down", the feelings don't go away, they get hidden deeply inside. But before you can have a happy life, these suppressed feelings need to be healed.

With Vivation, you learn to use your breath and internal resources in an entirely new way, and can easily access and heal negativity stemming from any area of your life. By working with feelings instead of thoughts, Vivation’s results are immediate, and have tremendous, lasting power. And, the results are permanent, because every time you integrate a negative feeling, the next integration gets easier. So your life continually becomes happier and more peaceful.

Also, very importantly, Vivation does not require you to discuss the causes of your emotional distress with anyone to feel better about yourself. Resolving negative feelings occurs privately within your own awareness, sending waves of joy and energy throughout your entire being. By removing internal negativity, you will find it much easier to focus on achieving your goals and creating maximum fulfillment in your life.

An energizing and physically pleasurable experience, Vivation is preferable to other stress reduction techniques because it is efficient, powerful, direct, and internal—and once learned, you can do it all by yourself!

Vivation is:

  • Energizing, relaxing, refreshing

  • Self-contained and self-applied

  • Portable: It can be done anytime, anywhere

  • Reliable and fast


  • Does not require you to talk about or even know what your "issues" are

  • Helps you get over anger and upsets quickly

With Vivation you can:

  • Create your own happiness

  • Become self-reliant

  • Increase self-love

  • Improve relationships, and even experience more love from others

  • Enjoy the things you already enjoy even more


  • The more you "Vive," the easier it is to resolve negativity


Call for your free consultation on using Vivation
to create a happier life
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