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Vivation and Attachment


There are two kinds of desires, futile desires and purposeful desires. Futile desires are all the desires that come from makewrong and attachment. Obviously any desire for anything to be different from how it actually is, by definition is a futile desire. Gee, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but everything is the way it actually is. Every desire for anything to be different from how it is causes suffering. The body would just instantly integrate every one of those unpleasant patterns of energy, but the mind prevents it from doing so by engaging in suppression. For example, if every time you feel poor you "think positive" and withdraw into a happy fantasy about how good it's all going to be someday when you have more money, you will suppress the feeling, and then the context of poverty will remain, probably for decades, often for all of life right up to the hour of death and possibly beyond death, at least according to Buddhism. The person who has a futile desire for money will spend his life on a treadmill, constantly trying to make enough money to satisfy the desire, which is impossible, because it's a futile desire. Even if the person succeeds in becoming a billionaire, the futile desire for money will remain and the person will never be able to relax and be satisfied with how much money he has. I want to point out that by current world standards, all of us are wealthy. If, instead of current world standards we use historic world standards, then obviously we are extremely wealthy, far richer than the top hundredth of one per cent of all people who have ever lived.  Attachment to money equals poverty. Exactly the same with all futile desires, and all normal people have thousands of futile desires. They spend pretty much all of their time, throughout their life, on a treadmill trying very hard to satisfy their futile desires. The harder they try to satisfy futile desires, the more they suffer, feel helpless and frustrated. When people put all their time and energy into trying to satisfy futile desires which, by definition, can never be satisfied (not by any amount of money, not by any amount of sex, etc.), they never have the opportunity to know their purpose in life. Most people, of course, never even once consider the concept of having a purpose in life, and they think that trying to satisfy desires (in their mind, they won't add the modifier, "futile") is all there is.  Of those who do think about it, most get no further than merely wishing that they could know their purpose. Some very small percentage of people ever really know their purpose, and of those, very few indeed manage to free themselves from futile desires sufficiently to be able to devote themselves fully to living their purpose in life.

Every human being has a natural purpose in life. What this means is something that they can do very enthusiastically, that expresses their unique talents, experiences, and values, that directly makes the world a better place according to what "better" means to them, personally. Purposeful desires do not cause suffering because they are not based on attachment. I'm going to use myself as a handy example. I am very fortunate to live my purpose in life very fully. I am not attached to achieving any particular thing with Vivation. I am perfectly content to just do my best every day, not terribly concerned with "how good" my best might be. Everyone in the world has a purpose in life. They can find it by doing Vivation. When we Vive well, we have at least one integration per minute, and often much more. I have, on occasion, integrated more than one pattern of energy per breath. (For a long time I thought that one integration per breath was the theoretical limit, until I proved myself wrong.) Every integration we have is one less attachment and one step closer to living our purpose in life, satisfied and motivated at the same time.

As always, I invite your comments and questions.



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