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Vivation and Attachment


The suffering is caused by the duality itself. Raising things up the scale will not make us any happier. Increasing our competency at achieving goals is a great thing, and is one of the benefits of Vivation, but it absolutely does not increase happiness one whit. The only thing that will make us happier is letting go of the attachment, which is another way of saying "integration". Integration makes us happier instantly and the happiness is self-sustaining. This is the same as choosing to be satisfied with things the way they are now. Further along in this essay, I will address the effect of integration on motivation, because I realize that, especially in America, people think that being satisfied with things the way they are means losing our motivation to continue making them better, which is completely false and causes huge amounts of unhappiness.  First, I want to review how integration occurs, which is to say, how we let go of an attachment.

At the feeling level, every attachment creates a specific unpleasant feeling in the body. Obviously, most people, most of the time, take their attention away from the feeling in order to not experience the unpleasantness. This is suppression, which makes it impossible to resolve the duality and results in a build-up, over time, of the very emotion that the person is trying to escape. The alternative to suppression is to find the pleasure in the specific unpleasant feeling. We all know that it's always easy to do that, even though it would seem hard, at first, to the general public, who does not know how to Vive. With the Fourth Element we always find a positive way of relating to every feeling immediately. The duality depends on "ten" being better than "zero". If we enjoy the feeling of "zero," then the duality collapses and there is no longer a scale.  This is why I often give people the affirmation, "*Everything is better than everything else." It collapses dualities. Thus, when we feel the specific unpleasant feeling that corresponds to a particular duality, and we find even a little bit of pleasure in that feeling, the feeling integrates immediately, the duality collapses completely, and our happiness will never again appear to depend on that particular thing being any particular way.

With each integration, our happiness becomes more unconditional. Vivation is all about loving and enjoying the present moment infinitely, with no pre-conditions.

If we genuinely enjoy the feeling of having an attachment not met, then there is no attachment, and our enjoyment is unconditional. That is the way to happiness. Pursuing attachments, no matter how skillfully, can never yield any happiness whatsoever. Happiness comes from enjoying the present moment just the way it. If you are not happy with ten dollars in your bank account, then you will also not be happy with one million dollars in your bank account. It won't make any difference at all in how happy you are. If you tell yourself, "some day I will have plenty of money and then I'll feel happy," then you are just plain unhappy and trying to suppress your unhappiness by focusing on fantasy instead of on reality. I know for sure that having lots of money does not make anybody any happier whatsoever, because I have taught Vivation to so many millionaires and even a couple of billionaires. Nowadays about half of all my clients are millionaires. If you have always pegged your hopes for happiness on someday having plenty of money, then you can verify the truth of what I have told you here by reading about what happens to people who win the big lotto prizes. It never makes them any happier, and in many cases it makes them miserable because they find out that what they always thought would cure their unhappiness actually doesn't even dent it.  The only way that money can contribute to our happiness is for us to be unconditionally happy with whatever amount of money we have now, or even to realize that there would be no limit to our joy even if we found ourselves broke and destitute.  It works the same with absolutely everything. If you are attached to your husband or wife changing in some way, then you will be just as unhappy even if he or she does change in that way. If you cannot love the person the way he or she is now, then there is no change that could happen in that person that would increase your love. Every one of your attachments makes you unhappy. No amount of work to satisfy your attachments can ever make you any happier at all. Happiness simply does not work that way. Happiness takes place in momentary time, not in linear time. The good news in what I'm telling you is that you can have every happiness right now, in this very moment. There is nothing that needs to happen first. Nothing. Achievement in linear time cannot produce happiness. Vivation does produce happiness. Vivation easily reaches an efficiency of one integration per minute for brand new people, and even higher efficiency for people with experience. Vivation is based on a clear understanding of the real nature of happiness. To introduce the next section, about the effect of integration on motivation, I want to pose a question: "So why don't we just stay in bed all day (or "live in a cave," as some people ask me) and just Vive all day and never do anything else?" Another way the question comes up is, "If I'm satisfied with everything the way it already is, then where do I get my motivation to make any positive changes?"

The implication of the questions is that negativity is a good source of motivation. Whole societies are based on this assumption, and the ones that take it far enough create abominations like fascism, Nazism, and communism. Let's examine this idea, closely. If negativity were a good source of motivation, then the most negative people would also be the most productive people. What actually happens is that the most negative people commit suicide and produce nothing.  The most productive people are the most enthusiastic people.  Think of how differently you apply yourself to things that you love doing compared to things that someone says you must do.  If negativity actually worked as a source of motivation, then all the world's problems would have been solved centuries ago, because there has certainly been more than enough negativity.  In fact, negativity perpetuates problems, rather than motivating solutions.


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